Birdseye View | Crested Butte Market Snapshot | Spring 2024

It is spring and a time for rejuvenation and warm sunshine. As the snow melts and the flowers begin to bud, the anticipation for riding trails and joining friends for outdoor concerts mounts. It is a welcome, quiet time as we transition from a great ski season with above average… more »

Birdseye View | Gunnison Market Snapshot | Spring 2024

The whitewater kayakers and serious mountain bikers lead the way in ushering spring into summer in the Gunnison area. Following a healthy winter snow season, the calves are plentiful in the pastures and the golfers are warming up their swings. As the trees bloom on Main Street, we enjoy and… more »

Community Spotlight | Sleds and Kegs

In our 2024 winter and spring Bluebird Days Magazine, we highlighted Sleds and Kegs, a local initiative born in 2015. This celebration encapsulates the essence of Crested Butte's charm, offering a blend of outdoor playfulness, creativity, and community spirit, all while serving as a fundraising platform for local non-profits. Read… more »

2024 Bluebird Celebration Lunch and Ski

The Bluebird team and staff gathered at the Club at Crested Butte, Slopeside, on Wednesday for our annual company luncheon, marking a joyous occasion to celebrate our continued teamwork, another remarkable year in 2023, and a stellar beginning to 2024. Our delightful lunch was followed by unveiling the inaugural "Bluebird… more »

An Interview with Eric Larsen

During this winter season, we sat down with Eric Larsen. His extraordinary accomplishments go beyond polar landscapes, encompassing a genuine dedication to environmental activism and resilience while living with colorectal cancer. His story is a testament to the human spirit's triumph, inspiring others to face challenges with unwavering courage and… more »

Bluebird Welcomes 2024 Advisory Board

Bluebird welcomes brokers Charlie Farnan, Jana Barrett, Jenna May and Steve Mills as Advisory Board Directors for 2024. The firm was founded upon and operates with a team concept. These advisors are important supports and links for the brokers and management, gathering input, ideas and areas for improvement, and working… more »

Birdseye View | Gunnison Market Snapshot | Yearend 2023

The Gunnison area market has been defying the odds and trends of the regional economy. Driven by a solid economic base and diversity in jobs and housing, this crossroads in the Elk Mountains remains a desirable destination. Sales increased in 2023 in many sectors. Gunnison rural home sales rose 50%… more »

Birdseye View | Crested Butte Market Snapshot | Yearend 2023

This year demonstrated resilience in the market and the power of teamwork for Bluebird. In the first half of the year, sales were off valley wide by about fifty percent. We witnessed a significant pause and “deep breath” from patient buyers. The good news is that this calming effect allowed… more »

Bluebird Charitable Fund Connects Community

One of Bluebird’s primary missions is to participate in the well-being of our community. The agents and the company feel a duty to share in the responsibility of making sure that our people are properly served and cared for. The Bluebird Charitable Fund was created at the inception of the… more »

Bluebird Welcomes Emma DeHaven as Marketing and Office Coordinator!

Bluebird is pleased to announce that Emma DeHaven has joined Bluebird's staff as Marketing and Office Coordinator based in our Downtown Gunnison location. Emma's background in graphic design, marketing, and administrative duties has equipped her with the skills to support Bluebird and our agents. Emma is a fourth-generation Colorado native… more »

Bluebird Days Magazine Volume 12 is Out Now!

Bluebird Real Estate is thrilled to present the 12th issue of Bluebird Days Magazine! Our premier lifestyle magazine can be found at our Elk Avenue Crested Butte location, Main Street Gunnison location, and distinct locations across the Gunnison Valley. Stop by one of our offices to say hello and collect… more »

Maggie Dethloff | 2023 GCAR Realtor of the Year

Bluebird agent Maggie Dethloff was named the 2023 Realtor of the Year by the Gunnison-Crested Butte Association of Realtors! Maggie Dethloff has been a resident of the Gunnison Valley since 1987, and she has been active in real estate for 22 years. Maggie refers to herself as the “back door… more »

Birdseye View | Crested Butte Market Snapshot | Fall 2023

As we transition through one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, we are enjoying one of the most vibrant displays of fall color that we have seen in years. Real estate right now is displaying the peak hues of the year and business has been bustling. Following a… more »

Birdseye View | Gunnison Market Snapshot | Fall 2023

The fall colors around Gunnison signify cooler temperatures, football games and hunting season. With holidays approaching, the Gunnison market is “steady Eddie.” Demand remains strong and purchasers are absorbing available homes in normal marketing periods of less than six months. Prices of homes continue to rise through the third quarter… more »

2023 Bluebird Film Fest Intermission

Last Friday, Bluebird hosted the annual "Bluebird Intermission" party in our Crested Butte office, kicking off an eventful weekend for the Crested Butte Film Festival with friends, supporters, and film producers. Bluebird is proud to have been an annual lead sponsor of the Festival for the last five years! At… more »

An Interview with Lauren Kugler

This summer, we sat down with Lauren Kugler to learn more about her journey growing up, starting a family, and becoming a leader in the Gunnison Valley. With her life's experience in the Valley, she is able to understand the community's needs like no one else. This aids her ability… more »

B for Billion

Bluebird reached a significant milestone this week with Charlie Farnan’s sale of 29 Belleview for $1,100,000 on August 4th. This sale pushed cumulative sales for the firm past the $1 billion mark. Charlie, an original associate with Bluebird, reflects on the firm’s success, “Bud has created a team that supports… more »

Community Spotlight | Living Journeys

In our 2023 summer and fall Bluebird Days Magazine, we highlighted Living Journeys, a local non-profit organization, through our Community Spotlight. Living Journeys was chosen as our feature organization because of the immense work they do to provide financial assistance, emotional support, and enrichment programs for Gunnison Valley residents affected… more »

Birdseye View | Gunnison Market Snapshot | Second Quarter 2023

Gunnison is rocking along nicely compared to other markets around the country that are leveling. Along with increasing sales, the average home price in Gunnison has eclipsed $600,000 and in rural Gunnison nearly $850,000. Thirty-one Condominium and townhome sales are triple the number from this time last year. Land sales… more »

Birdseye View | Crested Butte Market Snapshot | Second Quarter 2023

The Crested Butte area has experienced a pause from the frenetic pace of sales a couple of years ago. In comparing notes with other markets large and small, it appears the whole country is experiencing the same pause and a return to more normal selling cycles. As we adjust to… more »

Bluebird Days Magazine Volume 11 Hit the Stands!

Bluebird Real Estate is excited to announce the 11th issue of Bluebird Days Magazine! Our premier lifestyle magazine is available at our Crested Butte and Gunnison offices and at key locations across the Gunnison Valley. Please stop by one of our offices to say hello and collect your copy! This… more »

Bluebird Opens New Gunnison Location

Bluebird Real Estate is excited to welcome the community to 218 N Main Street, our newly renovated office in the heart of downtown Gunnison! This location will be a refreshing space for our agents, clients, and community members to connect and collaborate on new ideas. This office is serviced by… more »

Bluebird’s Sixth Anniversary!

Yesterday, Bluebird celebrated six years of fostering relationships within our community and leading the market with the best agents in the Gunnison Valley. We upheld our annual tradition of gathering at the Secret Stash for pizza and libations on our April 26th anniversary. We are incredibly proud that we have… more »

Birdseye View | Crested Butte Market Snapshot | First Quarter 2023

Epic powder skiing has been the main topic of conversation this winter. Crested Butte enjoyed over 325 inches of new snow on the ski mountain for the first time in decades. We were one of the most popular destinations in the country for spring skiing. Waiting for a table at… more »

Birdseye View | Gunnison Market Snapshot | First Quarter 2023

Gunnison is beaming with momentum as temperatures and market activity start to heat up. Bluebird agents are thrilled to welcome clients to our new office this spring as we are relocating and opening the doors at our highly anticipated renovation at 218 N Main Street. Average sales prices for single… more »

Bluebird’s Annual Celebration Lunch and Ski

The Bluebird agents and staff gathered at the Center for the Arts in Crested Butte last week for our annual company luncheon to celebrate our continued growth as a team, another record year in 2022 and a phenomenal start to 2023. Our delicious barbecue lunch was catered by Creative Catering… more »

Community Spotlight | Crested Butte State of Mind

Each issue of Bluebird Days magazine highlights a local non-profit organization through our Community Spotlight. This winter, Crested Butte State of Mind was chosen as our feature organization because of the important work they accomplish within our community as a wellness connection for mental health. Their mission is to connect… more »

Bluebird’s 2023 Advisory Board

Bluebird Real Estate works tirelessly throughout the year to provide exceptional service to our clients. In doing so, we also ensure that we have the best resources available to our agents. The agents and staff at Bluebird nominate a new group of Advisory Board members to provide counsel and resources… more »

Birdseye View | Gunnison Market Snapshot | Year-End 2022

Reflection at the start of the new year brings a fresh perspective and new outlook on what is to come. The first half of 2022 experienced a continuation of the post-covid frenzy, but the market stalled in the last quarter of the year as buyers paused with the holidays and… more »

Birdseye View | Crested Butte Market Snapshot | Year-End 2022

2022 has been a year for recovery, adjustment, and a return to more normal times. Even though we will always appreciate the booming sales of the last couple of years, the needed respite has been welcome. The fourth quarter brought a differentiating pause. A stock market correction, election year, interest… more »

2022 Bluebird Charitable Fund

At its core, Bluebird Real Estate values community, service and teamwork. We are here to respectfully serve, support and hold true these values to our team and clients. The Bluebird Charitable Fund is a prime example of our values at work. Each year, Bluebird maintains a charitable fund with proceeds… more »

An Interview with John Rozman

Ranching is a way of life here in Gunnison County, and the Rozman family has been a part of that tradition since the early days. John and Marilyn Rozman sat down with Dr. Duane Vandenbusch and Ashley O'Hara from the Crested Butte Museum for an interview as part of an… more »

Bluebird Days Issue 10 is Now Available

Bluebird Real Estate is thrilled to announce the 10th issue of Bluebird Days Magazine! Visit either of our offices in Crested Butte or Gunnison to say hello and pick up your copy today! Our premier lifestyle magazine is also available at various locations across the Gunnison Valley. This issue includes… more »

Birdseye View | Crested Butte Market Snapshot | Third Quarter 2022

Let’s say the acronym of the day is EQ, which stands for equalization, or perhaps equilibrium. Everyone is enjoying a deep breath and a return to more normal times. Product supplies and workforce capacities are leveling everywhere. We all knew that the frenetic pace of the post covid spending frenzy… more »

Birdseye View | Gunnison Market Snapshot | Third Quarter 2022

Gunnison is brimming with activity as the brand-new Gunnison library is now open to the public, several new restaurants are available to enjoy including tapas at 1880 and the smoothie bar Delektabowl. 5B’s BBQ is moving to a new location on Tomichi, more art installations are popping up, and new… more »

2022 Bluebird Film Fest Intermission

Bluebird hosted the annual “Bluebird Intermission” party for supporters and film producers participating in the Crested Butte Film Festival last week. The firm is an ongoing lead sponsor for one of Crested Butte’s most significant cultural happenings, which hosts both in person and virtual film screenings. Local musician Jordan Brandenburg… more »

An Interview with Cam Smith

This summer, we had the pleasure of interviewing local elite endurance athlete Cam Smith, who is training for the 2026 Winter Olympics in ski mountaineering. Bluebird is passionate about our community, so this story has a deeper meaning for us. Cam gives back to his community through his work with… more »

Birdseye View | Gunnison Market Snapshot | Second Quarter 2022

Summer in Gunnison is always an exciting time with weekly concerts at the I Bar Ranch, Cattlemen’s Days Rodeo festivities and abundant outdoor recreation. Many homeowners are already getting ready for winter and finishing home projects before the snow starts to fly in the fall. Municipal developments are in high… more »

Birdseye View | Crested Butte Market Snapshot | Second Quarter 2022

Summer is in full swing in the Crested Butte area, with flowers blooming in their prime thanks to our recent afternoon showers. Live concerts, parades, golf, hiking, biking, and pickleball fill the longer summer days for our friends and neighbors. The real estate market is surging with new inventory, following… more »

Bluebird Days Issue 9 is Now Available

The first day of summer is here, and we are thrilled to announce the 9th issue of Bluebird Days Magazine! Visit either of our offices in Crested Butte or Gunnison to say hello and pick up your copy today! Our premier lifestyle magazine is also available at various locations across… more »

Aperture: Sold Out

Bluebird Real Estate is pleased to announce that the Aperture subdivision is completely Sold Out with the final lot sales taking place in late May. Thank you to Chris Maguire, his partners, and Cypress Equities for giving Bluebird the opportunity to help with this unparalleled development from its initial inception.… more »

Record Sales at Bluebird

High-end luxury home sales have been heating up in the Crested Butte market and continue soaring to new heights. Bluebird recently recorded the highest priced residential home sale in the history of Gunnison County at $6,792,000. Listed by Maggie Dethloff with Bluebird Real Estate, 1294 County Road 734 includes a… more »

Welcome to the Lofts!

Gunnison’s latest townhome offering is available for purchase, with 12 out of 20 total units pending sale in the first 60 days. Listed by Brian Cooper at Bluebird Real Estate, these spacious townhomes are transitioning to individual ownership on a rolling basis with more units becoming available in early summer… more »

Bluebird Celebrates Five Years!

Five years have flown by since Bluebird Real Estate was founded in April of 2017. Built on the foundation of Bringing Dreams Home, we are incredibly appreciative of all our clients who entrusted us with their properties and investments over the years. We took the opportunity to look back and… more »

Birdseye View | Gunnison Market Snapshot | First Quarter 2022

Springtime in Gunnison breathes new life into the valley, with willows turning colors, rivers flowing and everything vibrant once again. The real estate market is beginning to mirror the growth patterns during this season, with more inventory entering the market and construction projects kicking into high gear. The average sales… more »

Birdseye View | Crested Butte Market Snapshot | First Quarter 2022

We are off to a strong start in 2022 following a robust holiday season and spring break. Crested Butte is a very hot area for destination seekers and home buyers. Demand for real estate continues to absorb the supply, however properties have been entering the market at a steady pace.… more »

Bluebird Welcomes Patti Hensley as General Manager

Bluebird is pleased to announce that Patti Hensley has been promoted from Public Relations and Broker Associate to General Manager of all operations, working exclusively on behalf of the agents and company. “Patti has been a remarkable leader and center for our public relations and communications as we have continued… more »

An Open House Unlike Any Other

Bluebird Real Estate recently hosted an open house tour unlike any other. We jumped at the opportunity to host a snowmobile tour to Lake Irwin and creatively showcase our client's property! Listed by Jenna May, 581 H Avenue is one of the most coveted lake-front mountain homes in the Crested… more »

2021 Bluebird Charitable Fund

Another record year in the books charged us to give back to our community more than ever before. Each year, Bluebird maintains a charitable fund and donates a portion of proceeds from every closing commission the firm makes. The fund is comprised of contributions from all our associates as well… more »

Birdseye View | Gunnison Market Snapshot | Year-End 2021

Bluebird Real Estate had an exciting year in Gunnison with record high sales, as well as the purchase of our new Main Street location and the addition of several top agents and new staff to our team! The Gunnison market continued its growth from 2020 with a 26% increase in… more »

Birdseye View | Crested Butte Market Snapshot | Year-End 2021

The Crested Butte area and Bluebird experienced another record year for real estate sales! Like most areas around the country, people are buying properties at amazing paces for peak prices. The reaction from the pandemic has produced a feeding frenzy from pent up demand and lifestyle shifts. Many homebuyers are… more »

Bluebird’s 2022 Advisory Board

Each year, the agents and staff at Bluebird nominate a new group of Advisory Board members to provide counsel and resources for the office. This year’s 2022 Advisory Board members are Bet Egelhoff, Brian Cooper, Charlie Farnan, and Trevor Bona. This group has a diverse background with a proven success… more »

An Interview with Dean Dillon

This fall, we had the pleasure of interviewing local songwriting legend Dean Dillon, who was recently inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Bluebird recently expanded our services and opened a new office in Gunnison, so this story has even deeper meaning for us as we feature this local… more »

Bluebird Days Issue 8 is Now Available

Opening day of ski season is here and with that, we are excited to announce the 8th Issue of Bluebird Days is now available! Feel free to stop by either of our offices in Crested Butte or Gunnison to say hi and pick up your copy today! Our premier lifestyle… more »

Bluebird Takes Flight in Gunnison

By Patti Hensley Bluebird Real Estate hit the ground running with our expansion into Gunnison. The addition of the newly founded Gunnison office opened the door for some of the area’s leading experts to join the team, including Steve Mills, Bobby Overturf and Brian Cooper. The Gunnison office will provide… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Third Quarter 2021

So far there’s no end in sight! Sales, along with summer and fall activities, in the Gunnison valley have been full speed this year. The interest for properties of all types has been beyond belief. Heading into the fall, our agents are reporting that they have ready buyers who are… more »

An Interview with an Unrevealed Adventure Photographer

This summer, we interviewed a local adventure photographer. As this individual travels the world through various wild landscapes, he thoughtfully contemplates the lessons these natural places have to give. In this article, we learn about some of the impactful experiences he has encountered and how that affects the way he… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Second Quarter 2021

It is great to see happy people enjoying hiking, riding and moving about town without masks for the first time in a while. Summer activity is in full swing, with Alpenglow concerts, civic gatherings and wildflowers peaking. Real estate sales are reaching new all-time highs in all of our… more »

Bluebird Days Issue 7 Out Now

With the official first day of summer right around the corner, we are excited to announce the 7th Issue of Bluebird Days! Our premier visual lifestyle magazine can now be picked up and enjoyed at various locations across the valley! Feel free to stop by our office on Elk Avenue… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | First Quarter 2021

Crested Butte has been quite the popular destination lately. We ended the ski season with higher visits and revenues on the mountain, in town and on the Nordic trails. The rebound from last year’s pause is quite rejuvenating. From conversations with real estate brokers across the country, we have learned… more »

An Interview with Duane Vandenbusche

This winter, Bud Bush interviewed one of our local legends, Duane Vandenbusche. Duane has a wealth of knowledge of the Gunnison valley and other areas of Colorado. Normally the storyteller, this story is about Duane himself. From growing up on a dairy farm to coaching Olympic athletes to being named… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Yearend 2020

This has been an unprecedented year for the ages in the Crested Butte area. Following a Covid shutdown and virtually no sales in the early spring, our market rebounded with record highs. Prices and sales in most areas are at all time highs. What started as a boom in the… more »

Bluebird’s 2021 Advisory Board

It’s a new year, and that means a new Advisory Board for 2021! Each year, the team at Bluebird selects a new group of Advisory Board members to provide counsel and resources for the office. This year’s selection are the Dynamic D’s: Diane Aronovic, Dan Estey and Dalynn Trujillo. This… more »

Bluebird Donates to Local Families and Charities

What a year it has been! Despite a lot of trials and tribulations, we have much to be thankful for. Each year, Bluebird maintains a charitable fund with proceeds from every closing commission the firm makes. The fund is comprised of contributions from all of our associates as well as… more »

Bluebird Days Issue 6 On Stands

The snow has arrived and so has our 6th Issue of the Bluebird Days magazine! With a blanket of snow settling in the valley, we are pulling out our winter gear and getting ready for a great season. Ski reservations are being made and Nordic trails are being groomed. As… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Third Quarter 2020

We are elated to report that life as we knew it before Covid is resuming in the Crested Butte area! Our county has been deemed one of the safest in the state. The Town experienced a busy summer, and the real estate market is booming. Most sectors made up for… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Mid-Year 2020

Thankfully, as we anticipated, real estate sales have taken off since a very modest level of activity in Crested Butte this spring. Three factors seem to be playing in to our explosive surge in sales. First, we had a high level of pent up demand from visitors who had to… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | April 2020

Everybody is probably ready for some hugs and high fives. This distancing is not natural, and it feels like we can see some light towards a return to more traditional interactions and happenings. Our sympathies go out to those impacted by the coronavirus. Our region was hit early and hard,… more »

Bluebird Goes Anti-Viral

Life is sure to throw us curve balls from time to time, and it’s all in how we respond – especially to the things we can’t control. Crested Butte was hit early and hard with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and it is heartwarming and inspiring to see how our community has… more »

Bluebird’s 2020 Advisory Board

Bluebird’s associates recently voted on the new Advisory Board for the new year. Pictured left to right are Bud Bush, Principal and board members Karen Allen, Maggie Dethloff and Charlie Farnan. Selected by their peers, the Advisory Board provides counsel to management and resources to the agents in the office.… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Year End 2019

Crested Butte real estate was hopping again in 2019, with continued strong sales through the holidays. The new decade is starting off with great momentum as well. Bluebird already has 28 transactions in the pipeline. And, although we had a record year, sales in the region were slightly lower last… more »

Vogue Features Crested Butte and Bluebird Office in Article

Crested Butte was recently featured in an article on written by Mallory Farrugia, titled “Why Crested Butte, Colorado Should Be Your Next Ski Destination”. The article featured a few highlights of our ski resort and end-of-the-road town and explains how Vail Resort’s newest acquisition is one you should not… more »

Bluebird Issues Grants from Charitable Fund

Bluebird maintains a charitable fund for giving opportunities to local charities and families in need. The fund is comprised of small amounts set aside from every Bluebird closing, and the monies are contributed by the associates as well as the company. “Everyone in the company has a hand in our… more »

Bluebird Days Issue 4 On Stands

Winter is coming, and that means our 4th Issue of Bluebird Days is now on the stands! One of the great things about living in our paradise is the spectacular change of seasons. As we are writing this post, we are dusting off our coats, tuning our skis and enjoying… more »

Bluebird Sponsors Food Pantry Event

This past weekend Bluebird sponsored the third annual Soup Stone event benefiting the Gunnison Country Food Pantry. The name of the event has its origin from a European folk story which emphasizes the value of sharing ingredients and meals. This year’s function was hosted by the Secret Stash in the… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Fall 2019

Farmers live and breathe on precipitation, and it dominates the talk around the rural coffee shops. Similarly, it’s funny what an impact snowfall has on life, activities and real estate around the Crested Butte region. Last winter, we experienced a heavy year for snow, which happily coincided with Vail Resorts’… more »

Bluebird Hosts Film Producer's Party

Bluebird recently hosted the third annual “Bluebird Intermission” party for supporters and film producers participating in the Crested Butte Film Festival. The firm is an ongoing lead sponsor for one of Crested Butte’s most significant cultural happenings, which hosts nearly 80 screenings featuring narrative, documentary, outdoor adventure, children’s, and short… more »

Bluebird Welcomes New Broker Associate, Rich Kelley

Bluebird is pleased to announce our newest Broker Associate, Rich Kelley. Hailing from Minnesota, Rich Kelley brings over a decade of real estate experience to the Gunnison Valley. His roots run deep in real estate—his family is one of the most trusted names in Minnesota real estate. Though real estate… more »

Bluebird Sponsors the Inaugural Trek For Life

This past weekend, Bluebird was honored to be a sponsor of the inaugural Trek for Life, to help fight suicide and raise awareness about mental health services for individuals living at high altitudes. All proceeds from this one day, one way hike from Aspen to Crested Butte via the Maroon… more »

Bluebird Floats the Big Duck for Rotary

The Crested Butte Rotary Club just celebrated the 30thanniversary of its Rubber Duckie Race. Roughly, $60,000 dollars is raised each year in support of student scholarships and local charities. To commemorate the landmark anniversary, the Club added a new sponsor race which preceded the 5200 rubber duckies, called the Big… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Summer 2019

The summer real estate market had a bit of a delayed start, due to a big winter snow season. Our ski area received over 300 inches of snow last season, fifty percent higher than average. This translated to later openings for hiking trails and river fishing, causing some visitors to… more »

Bluebird Days Issue 3 Out Now

Summer is here! We are thrilled to announce that Issue 3 of Bluebird Days, a premier visual lifestyle magazine for Crested Butte, has hit the stands! This issue highlights local skier and Olympian, Aaron Blunck. As you flip through the magazine, you will see a preview of each of our… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Spring 2019

It’s the calm before the storm. Since Vail Resorts purchased our ski area last fall, we have observed lots of new visitors with accents from afar. Through Vail’s marketing and their Epic pass, which allows members to ski at participating resorts worldwide, many visitors are discovering Crested Butte for the… more »

New Advisory Board Slated

The Associates of Bluebird have elected new team leaders for 2019. Karen Allen returns to the Advisory Board from 2018. Maggie Dethloff and Dan Estey are new to the Board. “Bluebird congratulates our new advisors,” notes Bud Bush, Principal of Bluebird. “Maggie is one of the most experienced and hardest… more »

Bluebird Celebrates 2018 at Team Luncheon

The agents and staff of Bluebird met at Slopeside at the base of Crested Butte resort yesterday for a company luncheon to celebrate a record year of sales and growth. The event commenced with the presentation of a new company video. The production was filmed by Meyvn Creative and features… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Year-end 2018

The best word that describes 2018 real estate sales was “steady”. And, steady is always healthier than extreme, in either direction. Following a light snow year for the ski season, the Crested Butte area enjoyed a nice, long summer season with great visitor traffic. And, the early winter months in… more »

Bluebird Days Issue 2 Now On Stands

Happy Thanksgiving! We are pleased to announce the release of Bluebird’s “cooler” winter edition of Bluebird Days, a premier visual lifestyle magazine for Crested Butte. This issue highlights local Olympian Wendy Fisher powder skiing on the cover, courtesy of Trent Bona at Meyvn Creative. The winter feature story interviews the… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot | Third Quarter

Prices and sales have been steady this year compared to previous periods. The average selling price per square foot continues to rise, with the Town of Crested Butte peaking at $580/ square foot. Even if this sounds high locally, our prices are half of our neighbors in Aspen and Telluride.… more »

Bluebird is Growing

Bluebird is excited to announce the addition of three veteran associates to the team! Maggie Dethloff is consistently one of the highest producing agents in the valley, having worked in the area for over 30 years. Known as one of the hardest working realtors in the market, Maggie makes her… more »

Bluebird Sponsors Emma Coburn’s Elk Run 5k

Bluebird is pleased to be a lead sponsor for the second annual Emma Coburn Elk Run 5k benefiting Living Journeys in Crested Butte on September 29, 2018. Below is the feature story on Emma from the recent issue of Bluebird Days magazine, which is available at our office at 211… more »

Birdseye View | Market Snapshot

We are half way through an exciting year of big news, real estate sales and peak summer fun. Real estate has been buzzing with summer visitors contracting properties in record numbers. Adding to the normal selling season momentum, is the announcement that Crested Butte Mountain Resort will be selling to… more »

Bluebird Treats on July 4th

Bluebird welcomed the annual Crested Butte 4th of July parade and festivities with complimentary popcorn and lemonade in front of its downtown office on Elk Avenue. Approximately 450 cups of lemonade and 200 bags of fresh popcorn were served to visitors and locals at the event. Jenna May with Bluebird… more »

KBUT Donor Event

The Bluebird Real Estate office in historic downtown Crested Butte recently hosted a reception for local community radio station KBUT. Major donors were treated to hors d’oeuvres from Creative Catering which is operated by KBUT disc jockey Josephine Kellett. Live music was provided by Eli and Willa Emmitt, young prodigies… more »

Bluebird Welcomes Jenny Knox

Bluebird is pleased to announce the association of Jenny Knox with the firm. Jenny is a delightful professional with deep connections and experience in the valley. Originally from Houston, Jenny’s career includes many years in the oil and gas industry. A resident of Crested Butte for over 25 years, she… more »

Chamber Recognizes Bluebird

Bluebird expresses a heartfelt thank you to the people of Crested Butte and the CB Chamber for voting the firm the Best New Business Member for 2017. Bluebird recently celebrated its first anniversary in business in the historic district of Crested Butte on Elk Avenue. Since its inception, the associates… more »

Bluebird Launches New Lifestyle Magazine

Introducing Bluebird Days, a new visual lifestyle magazine for Crested Butte. The publication features beautiful photography, exceptional properties and the team of Bluebird Real Estate. The first issue debuts with an exclusive interview with Emma Coburn, world champion steeplechase athlete and Crested Butte native. She talks about the whirlwind year… more »

Happy Bluebird Anniversary!

Happy Bluebird Anniversary! No, it couldn’t have been a year! Well, yes it actually has! Bluebird Real Estate celebrates one year today, April 26, 2018, of “bringing dreams home” in Crested Butte and the surrounding valleys. “It truly has been a remarkable team effort in building a brand and embracing… more »

Birdseye View: Market Snapshot

Despite a modest year for snowfall and skier visits, the real estate market charges along with strong activity during the first quarter of 2018. Bluebird is pleased to report that our agents participated in three of the top seven residential sales in the north end of the Gunnison valley. Bluebird… more »

Bluebird Introduces Marketing Coordinator

Parker LaDue, an accomplished graphic designer in the valley has recently joined Bluebird Real Estate as Marketing Coordinator. Parker has completed work for many area businesses including Soupcon restaurant and Romp Skis. She has visited Crested Butte for most of her life, and made it home with her furry companion,… more »

Great Perches

One of the main attractions in Crested Butte is the natural beauty and endless views in every direction. Great views often seal the deal for home purchasers looking for the perfect “nest” with a great “perch.” So, here we showcase our homes for sale with some of the best views… more »

Bluebird Welcomes Top Agent

Bluebird is pleased to announce the association of Corey Dwan, a high ranking veteran to the team! Corey’s infectious laugh and steady drive have proven a successful combination in building relationships and closing a lot of real estate over the past thirteen years. He has been a leader in many… more »

Associates Elect New Advisory Board

Bluebird has a newly seated advisory board elected by the associates in the office. The board is tasked with advising management with important strategic decisions and being a liaison and support center for the office. The agents in the office selected Karen Allen, Jana Barrett and Joel Vosburg to represent… more »

Happy New Year, Winter Market Update

The Crested Butte real estate market is enjoying “bluebird days”! Home buying visitors have recognized the relative value of property in a pure resort community like Crested Butte, compared to the congested front range resorts and pricy neighbors to the north and south. We are seeing increased sales to buyers… more »

Bluebird Associate, a Professional Drone Pilot

Trevor Bona might be the handsome face with the smile that seems to be everybody’s friend in the town of Crested Butte. But lately, you’re more likely to see his FAA licensed drone hovering over the mountains than Bona hovering over the “bar-muda triangle”. Between selling real estate with Bluebird,… more »

Food for Thought

Bluebird was excited to support the inaugural Soup Stone event last Sunday benefiting the Gunnison Country Food Pantry. A festive and cozy environment at the Guild Cafe greeted the full house of guests, with mostly local patrons during this fall season. Spirits and delicious homemade soups were provided from local… more »

Bluebird #1 in New Listings

Of the $70 million in volume that was listed during the last 60 days in the Crested Butte area, Bluebird posted over half of the total, leading the market in new offerings. Bluebird is pleased to announce Aperture, a premier home site development situated on the Slate River and the… more »

The Best View in the Valley

The Mountain Office team of Bluebird Real Estate presents a landmark offering to the Crested Butte community. 188 Bethel Road in the Smith Hill Ranches is undeniably one of the finest properties in the Gunnison Valley, and it is now available for purchase. Nestled on a private aspen ridge between… more »

Run with a World Champion

Bluebird was honored to be a leading sponsor of the inaugural Emma Coburn Elk Run 5K on Saturday benefiting Living Journeys, a cancer assistance and support network in the Gunnison valley. Between winning the World Championships in Steeplechase and getting married in two weeks, Emma Coburn launched her first charity… more »

You Can Do This

Bluebird hosted an intermission party for the Crested Butte Film Festival at their office in downtown Crested Butte on Friday evening. Film producers, sponsors and clients of Bluebird celebrated the world class festival of 100 films with hors d'oevres from Crested Butte Personal Chefs and live bluegrass music from the… more »

Bluebird Agents Elected to Realtor Board

Congratulations to Bluebird Associates Lisa Lenander and Trevor Bona who were recently elected Directors of a seven member Board of the Gunnison Country Association of Realtors, serving Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley, as well as Lake City and Pitkin. Lisa has been a member for over 13 years, having… more »

Bluebird Welcomes the Colorado 500!

The 42nd annual Colorado 500 rolled through Crested Butte Monday afternoon from Aspen and on Thursday evening, returning from Ouray. The yearly pilgrimage founded by Indy race car veteran Wally Dallenbach Sr., supports Colorado children's organizations and hosts over 130 riders during each event. They ride for five days on… more »

Smith Hill Ranches Featured in Luxury Portfolio

One of the premier properties for sale in the Crested Butte area is recently featured in the latest edition of Luxury Portfolio International Magazine (page 87). 115 Bethel Road offered for $5,375,000 is listed by Joel Vosburg and Charlie Farnan of the Mountain Office Team with Bluebird Real Estate. The… more »

Bluebird Kicks Off the Arts Festival with the Center for the Arts

Bluebird Real Estate co-hosted a kickoff reception with the Center for the Arts on Friday for the Crested Butte Arts Festival. The Arts Festival celebrated its 45th year of hosting art, cuisine and entertainment on Elk Avenue in the heart of downtown Crested Butte. Featuring 175 artists over a three… more »

July 4th Popcorn and Lemonade

Bluebird welcomed the participants and spectators of the annual Crested Butte Fourth of July Parade with fresh lemonade and popcorn outside of the office at 211 Elk Avenue. Lisa Lenander, Trevor Bona and Bud Bush were on hand to serve the visitors. "Everyone wanted to pay us for the goodies,"… more »

Bluebird Spring Open Houses

Enjoy our bluebird skies and some exciting open houses today through Wednesday in the Crested Butte area! Homes ranging from $445,000 to $3,250,000. more »

Bluebird Real Estate Takes Flight

With an exceptional location in the heart of downtown Crested Butte, Colorado, and a dynamic team of dedicated professionals, Bluebird plans to introduce to the valley, a premium home buying and selling experience based on exceptional marketing and successful results for its clientele. The company is founded by Bud Bush,… more »