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Community Spotlight | Crested Butte State of Mind

Each issue of Bluebird Days magazine highlights a local non-profit organization through our Community Spotlight. This winter, Crested Butte State of Mind was chosen as our feature organization because of the important work they accomplish within our community as a wellness connection for mental health. Their mission is to connect our community to resources, education and free counseling scholarships to improve mental wellness, eliminate stigma and lower the rate of suicide in the Gunnison Valley. As a grassroots organization, CBSOM is also working to build the infrastructure to facilitate system coordination and improve access to mental health services. Learn more about how we are all connected and better together thanks to the work of CBSOM in our Community Spotlight story below.

Community Spotlight | Crested Butte State of Mind

We are all connected.

“Nature has a wisdom to it that can teach us so much- if we pay attention. The aspen tree is the perfect example. Aspens are unique in that a forest of trees can actually be one tree. Just like the aspen tree, we are all connected to one another at the source of our being. We are all a part of something so much greater than our individual selves. We are connected by our roots. Imagine a world where we all acted like aspen trees…

There is a peace in knowing we are not alone. Peace in knowing that even when the winds of life are cold and blowing hard, all we need to do is turn our leaves and allow the colony - our community - to shoulder the burden with us, for we are all connected.” — Gail Goodwin

Crested Butte State of Mind (CBSOM) is a mental wellness connector committed to reducing the high rate of suicide in Gunnison County. CBSOM connects the community to resources, education, and free counseling scholarships to improve mental wellness, eliminate stigma and lower the rate of suicide in the Gunnison Valley. Connecting and collaborating with other community resources creates a collective impact approach to develop a stronger spectrum of services for the greater Gunnison Valley.

CBSOM is committed to ensuring those who are uninsured or underinsured have access to mental health care. That means eliminating the barriers of cost, providing assistance in navigating the system, and connecting those in need to the right service.

CBSOM has a direct impact on our community’s mental health, providing over 2,000 hours of counseling services and expanding access with telehealth. Their presence in unexpected places increases awareness by normalizing talking about mental health. CBSOM raised over $17,000 through grassroots events alone last spring, demonstrating the community’s willingness to step up and be a part of the solution.

Thanks to Crested Butte State of Mind, we are stronger together. To learn more and support the health of our community, visit cbstateofmind.org.

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