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Bluebird Issues Grants from Charitable Fund

Bluebird maintains a charitable fund for giving opportunities to local charities and families in need. The fund is comprised of small amounts set aside from every Bluebird closing, and the monies are contributed by the associates as well as the company.

“Everyone in the company has a hand in our giving process,” explains Bud Bush, the company’s Principal. “We have a charity committee that accepts nominations from our agents and the causes that are closest to them.” The committee assigns grants based on the amount that the fund has accumulated from the calendar year. “This companywide giving plan has been a dream of mine for many years, and we are so grateful to be able to support our local friends and families through this simple plan.”

This year’s recipients are as follows:

Adopt a Family: provides holiday financial support to local families.

CB State of Mind: a local network for suicide prevention support and communications.

Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley: a communitywide portal which collects and donates funds for local non-profit organizations.

Gunnison Valley Women’s Network: a local networking group that promotes women in their professions.

John Biro fund: a support fund for Tucker and Logan Biro, the surviving sons of John Biro.

Living Journeys: a cancer support group that provides counseling, financial support and transportation to locally affected families.

PAWS: a local animal shelter and adoption organization.

Bluebird is honored to be able to recognize and support through its 2019 charitable fund these important organizations that provide vital support in our community.