Joe Summerville

Joe fell in love with the mountains of Crested Butte almost ten years ago. Having never visited Colorado before, he packed up the car fresh out of college to take part in the “ski bum” dream many can only fantasize about. Coming from a small town in southern Indiana, The small dead end road town was a perfect fit. He knew from day one that this small little town would be hard to leave since there are abundant outdoor activity options year round. Like many others here in Crested Butte, Joe was to be here for one season then go find his way in the world with a typical job. This just kept turning into one more summer, one more winter until the idea solidified that this place could be called home for many years to come.

Joe is a graduate from Indiana University Bloomington, with a degree in management and public affairs. Joe was part of the outdoor adventure program where he learned teamwork and patience in the form of rock climbing. His love for the outdoors extends to fishing, biking, snowmobiling, and just being outside with friends and family by a nice fire. Other interests include world travel and experiencing new places and foods.

Providing a top level experience to clients is Joe's highest priority. With a background in government and community development through his coursework at Indiana, detail orientation and examining all options is a must. A creative thinking process and an innate want to help others makes Joe a great option for all of your Crested Butte real estate needs and beyond.

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